Saturday, November 29, 2014

Homo Bigoted

Lately I hear the word homophobic used a lot. I feel to the point of being over used or used in the wrong context. This doesn't help gay people, it may do harm. I remember the days of homophobia, I was even part of that hysteria. Guys especially were so afraid of being thought of as gay, that they would freak out if another guy tried to put a hand on their shoulder. Two guys would not even dare think of hugging. I am seeing something else working it's way into society, it needs to have a proper name. Like homo-bigotry or homo prejudice. These people are not afraid of gay people, they are not ignorant, they know the facts as we know them. Yet they hate us, they will swear they are trying to help us but you only have to hear the snearing tone in their voices to pick up the truth. They spend their time trying to silence us, trying to turn society back against us. Why, why devote your time to work against people trying to get rights that other groups enjoy. With all the agencies that need help, this is what they spend their time doing, attacking us. Tossing out the word homophobic no longer fits the description, it doesn't help. This new wave of hate needs to be called out for what it is, hatred and more specifically hatred against the gay community. I keep hearing they want us to be silent, like the good old days, sorry but we are not going back into the closest.

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john said...

I believe in order to feel superior, someone has to be stepped upon.