Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Here in Canada we had a tragic story unfold of a young twelve year old girl go missing, later her body was found and the search for a killer started. To every one's horror, it turned out to be her mother. It seems the mother's boyfriend told her to either get rid of the kid or he would leave. Any good mother would have held the door open for him and given him an extra boot on his way out. Instead this vile woman took her pretty little girl out into the country, pinned her down and strangled her with twine while she begged for her life. She then pulled down the girl pants to make it look like a rape and left her body in the ditch.

Here is where something like this ties into a gay blog. Many times straight people say that gay relationships are not valid or equal to their relationships because we can not procreate. I get so tired of that statement, not only because not all straight couples can have children but because it is no great feat to get pregnant. It is not some mystery of the heavens that God only divulged to straight people, it is not some grand formula that took years of study. It is more like tab 'A' is inserted into slot 'B' and then roll over and sleep for the rest of the night. As with the above story and many others like it, I think it shows that any boob can get knocked up, there is no great wonder here. If this lady had escaped prosecution and then married her boyfriend, does this make her relationship more valid than any gay couple?

There other statement thrown at us is, gay people should not adopt because they would not make good parents, the kids would grow up gay or confused. Never mind that almost all gay people were raised by straight people and that did not change us, lets just stick to the facts. The facts are that everyone should be judged as a person not as a group, yes there are gay people who should never be parents just like there are straight people who should never be parents. Would most parents not die for their child if they had too, the judge even said that from this day on, she has lost the right to call herself a mother. The statement that often gets me the most is some people say that even if the mother is neglectful, a child would be better off left with her than to be adopted by a gay couple, at this point I would like to remind those people of the above story, lying in the snow dying, I am sure that little girl would rather been with parents who loved her completely, either gay or straight.


Birdie said...

I have always been astonished at the twisted logic that allows judges to pull children from the loving arms of longtime adoptive parents and place them with a biological parent who changed his/her mind years later. Clearly, the child's best interests are not in mind. It's about ownership.

I know a gay couple who just adopted a nine-year-old boy, and they are of course ecstatic. There is nothing like the love for a child from parents who are willing to sacrifice themselves for his sake. The world needs more couples like these men.

Jay said...

I still have some reservations on the 2nd part. As I know how it feels deep into the bone having to struggle with all the confusions (and still not through yet) I'd be very reluctant risking getting another kid into it. But I think you've shed some new light on that one.

Anonymous said...

What a dreadful story. I just don't understand people sometimes.

john said...

The murder of any child is horrid and vile.
And gay couples, like anyone else should be allowed to adopt. I don't think the sexual preference of anyone determines whether or not they will be good parents. It's the person themselves that will determine what kind of parenting they will do.