Wednesday, December 17, 2008

That Time Of Year Again, Humbug.

The thing that I dislike about this time of year is, not the crowds, not the shopping, not all the ads, not the old movies on TV and not even the constant Christmas music playing everywhere. Nope the thing I dislike about this time of year is all the stupid pieces in news papers and on TV about how awful and stressful Christmas is. It has almost become a Christmas tradition on it's own to bash the holiday. There will always be an interview with some twit that can't handle the days to come, they just never show you the fact that this person could not even keep themselves organized at any time of year let alone on a holiday.

This year they started right after Halloween, about how stressed people get shopping, trying to find that perfect gift, about the heart burn or weight gain they suffer with from over eating. They whine about the lights and decorations while trying to out-do their neighbors. I say wake up and get some common sense, maybe step into the real world for a second. I think 'stress' would not apply to shopping but to the families where both partners lost their job and may lose the house. I think worrying about food is more for people in third world countries and they know what the true meaning of 'suffer' is. As for stressed by how your neighborhood is decked out for the holidays, ask people where the many wars are going on how they like the look of where they live at the moment. Yes it can be a bit of a pain but Christmas is what you make of it, just make it a meal with family and friends, have a few decorations like in the old days. I think past Christmases held more spirit than any mall-driven Christmas these days.

Then come the insulting stories, the ones to stir a little dust with the more devout people, the people who keep what Christmas is suppose to really mean. That Christmas is really a Pagan holiday borrowed by the early Christians, that Jesus was born in spring, that Mary was not a virgin, that she was forced to marry a much older man, that they could never have walked to Bethlehem, that there were many Jesus figures, that there never really was a Jesus. What is the point to these stories, only to upset and dampen a person's good mood or happiness. We have heard these all before over and over, there is nothing new here. To the people who keep doing it, who keep coming up with these lame stories...YOU BORE ME! It is similar to teen angst, where they want to appear cool by pretending to be annoyed by anything traditional and always focus on any negative part only. That gets old and it is old to me now, so do your frigging job as a reporter and get off your lazy ass and find a 'real' news story! Maybe then we would not get surprised by crooked politicians, drugs in our neighborhoods, people in real need who are falling through the cracks. As for Christmas, I am going to do what I always do, put some lights up, a few decorations, a great meal with family, exchange a few gifts and have a good time, but I guess that will never make the news.


Anonymous said...

Well, that many of the Christmas traditions were adopted from the earlier pagan traditions is true. Decorating with fresh greens was already going on, for example.

Of course, in so adopting, Christians added a new layer to it all, by saying that the greens represented the undying love of Christ and the red holly berries the blood he shed for all.

But there will always be those Scrooges and Grinches about, too. All you can do is turn up the carols and have a little lowfat eggnog and choose not to listen to 'em.

Me, I want a hula hoop. ; )

Wayne said...

Yep greg is right. The less news you read or see the better you'll be. Happy news doesn't sell papers.
Merry Christmas Steven!

Birdie said...

I've quit watching the news altogether. It adds stress because their goal is to keep the audience excited and watching; the easiest way to do that is to create fear. Doom! Destruction! You're next! Story at eleven.

Sooo-this-is-me said...

Greg, I know a lot of it is true but there are also many interesting things about Christmas that they could discover, yet they pull out the tired old cold oatmeal stories over and over.
Just look at the time some poor old lady was run over by a reindeer and they just keep bringing that up.
As for a hula hoop, I want one too!

Wayne, I want one of your Christmas cookies!!!! ;) Hahaha!

Ahh! I'm next!?! O_O
Wait a second...whew I get it Birdie, you were just making a point, I'm better now.

john said...

Have a Merry Christmas despite all the humbug!!

I stopped listening to those who stand on soap boxes and "speak their minds".

The true celebration of Christmas is the coming of our Lord--and that is what it really is about.

Anonymous said...

Christmas is definitely what you make of it and I am glad you are not letting any of the negativity and stress of the season get to you! :-)