Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dumber & Dumberererer

Way back in my younger days, when the Internet began to catch on and was becoming part of most homes, I felt excited for mankind. I thought it would leap humans into a new level of existence, one where people would become more worldly if not at least better educated. It never occurred to me at the time that people would use it to spread untruths and have groups even more in the dark about life. It also never occurred to me that people would read facts about a subject and say "nah that is too hard to process so I am going against what all these scientists and doctors say and I will believe this goof with little or no education". I can't understand why people 'want' to be stupid. I feel so frustrated at times now we have not only growing numbers of people who believe we are not actually gay, just damaged straight people waiting to be turned back, but we also have growing numbers of people who think Hitler never did a mean thing but was just misunderstood, our great great grandparents ate all the dinosaurs, no one ever landed on the moon, the CIA took down the towers so Bush could go get oil in Iraq, HIV does not cause AIDS or that the CIA released AIDS on the world, the world will end in 2012 and if that fails then 2029 and if that fails 2036 and if that fails..... I'm so disappointed in the way it turned out, I should have realized that people always want to take the easy way, why spend the time looking a subject up on the net where you may actually learn something. Think, with the knowledge we have these days, life could have become so much better for people everywhere but honestly now that I have outgrown my innocence of youth, I know that will 'never' happen, that is just a fact, that sounds awful but it is just human nature to never let that happen. We will only use modern technology to make things worse or control people better. When I see a person on TV crying because after years of ignoring the warnings, they feel mislead I get bored, I think "too bad" maybe that sounds mean but I just get so tired of these people who just absolutely refuse to listen to reason until it is too late, I feel they were mislead because they wanted to be mislead, don't ask us to make it all go away, you were warned and now you must pay the piper.

Maybe I'm in a bad mood, maybe it is a form of gay-man PMS but when I'm on here in the blog bubble and most people (gay or straight) are so open, I forget about the outside world, however as soon as I go on any other sites it can be a shocker in how mean spirited people can be. Since I am from the country, sometimes I read sites or blogs dealing with subjects regarding the country, like horses for example. Not to be picking on you guys but the American sites are the funniest, not funny ha ha but funny dark. They always list their likes as "raising livestock the way Jesus would want us to" then they say "loving the lord Jesus and living as he would" then "selling guns, shooting, hunting, fighting to keep our guns free from Obama". Well not that I have anything against people who hunt but I always wonder what kind of gun would Jesus use? Since they list semi-automatics I'm not sure what animal they use that on but maybe they are right, maybe Jesus should have had one in the garden with him, think how the Romans would have run for cover when the bullets started zinging past their ears, of course Christians would not be saved then. No offense to Christians or Jesus intended, just to people who sell guns and say they live like Jesus would. Next will come the comments about "fags" and the "n" word. Maybe I expect too much from people considering they hear the same garbage from their politicians and minsters but then maybe that is an excuse, I form my own opinions and not even my parents can really influence that, so why can't they, why do so many people let others think for them. I don't know where I'm going with this, maybe I'm just feeling blah today so..the end.

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john said...

Many times we have to filter through everything to get down to the truth. I'm still filtering through my life and finding the core of everything I believe in and everything that I want to be.
Knowledge is that way. We have to keep searching for the truth and must keep on looking for the answers we seek. And it shouldn't be abused or used to misguide,but used to learn and grow.