Thursday, November 6, 2008

Not Into Posting

I just don't feel like posting these last few days, nothing bad happened just that I am not up to it for some reason. I still have not said anything about my b'day and what a great day Dave made for me or a few other little things I could write about. I guess a little blog laziness. I would just like to say Dave managed to use his connections and got tickets for the lovely Celine Dion tomorrow, very and I mean 'very' close to the stage, should be a good show. Now all you hard rockers out there don't give me a rough time over this, lets just say this is part of me accepting my gay side (I love her powerful voice) and I'm sure there will be a lot of 'family' there. Dave did it for my birthday knowing how much I wanted to go, now see why I love this man so much.

Things are great between us so not posting has nothing to do with that either, posting feels like a chore at the moment. Regarding Dave and I, since most of you know the problems we were having, I would just like to say Dave is really working on that, lately we seem to be working on it a lot. I am a little sad that Dave is not the kind of guy who would suddenly out of the blue, come on to me and have us end up doing it on the floor, couch, graveyard* or table (he has a glass table so bad idea anyway) but he is letting himself enjoy our 'special' time together more often, plus he is much less likely to say no to me now. I think I have learned a few extra buttons to push as well. The main thing is I feel total love coming from the guy towards me and that is all we can ever really hope for, no relationship is perfect but I am happy when I am with him and lonely when we are apart. We have been talking about moving in together, actually talking about it a lot lately and I think I am going to do it. Dave makes me a better person and I find I often take the easy or wrong route when I am alone in the apartment. My only thing is moving in will be like giving up a part of myself and I am just starting to figure out who that person is, however on the other hand I have been alone all my life and I am tired of that feeling, been there done that. I had my own "awe" moment the other night while here at my place, I noticed that I often roll or wake up trying to move to where Dave's warm body should be in bed, so even in my sleep I miss him when he is not around, okay everyone all together "awwwwwwe".

*shout out to Java!


Steve said... sweet ;)

Good to hear everything is going its way.

Wayne said...

But'll be giving up a part of you to become a part of 2!
And believe me a 2 makes you feel more complete!

Anonymous said...

"Awwwwwwwwwww!" Have a fantabulous weekend! :-)

Bill said...

I've had fun catching up on your blog today. You sound like you are doing very well, and I am so happy about that!

I'm at the office, and I should be working. Oops. Maybe I'll do some work next week.

Stephen said...

Go, enjoy the concert, be with your man. Have fun!

Birdie said...

You sweet thing you! I love your posts about love. Have a great time at the concert.

Anonymous said...

That concert is going to be awesome...what a voice she has! I second your thought on the missing my guy in it sounds like you two are doing great. Happy for you. :-)

Java said...

Yes, that's really sweet.

It's a big decision to move in with someone. There are many things to consider. It's a compromise either way. I'm thinking this would solve your problem of having your garden on the balcony and trying to keep the pigeons away.

I am so glad you and Dave are working on the needs you have in this relationship. I hope Dave gets as much satisfaction from the efforts, in a physical and emotional sense.

Jess said...

It's great that things are working out so well. I must admit that it didn't sound good for a while there. Sorry to say that, but things just weren't sounding too positive. Still, that makes the continuing good news that much more wonderful. Good for you! I hope things continue to get better and you have nothing but wonderful days ahead!

john said...

You are your own person. You have been for a long time. Dave is that part that completes you, the part of you that felt lonely for a long time.
You have been waiting for someone like Dave all your life and now he's here. Moving in together, yes means some compromising, but it also means not waking up to cold spots on the bed.
Also when you are with someone, you do grow and you discover more sides of yourself. Dave will be there to help you grow.
There is a favorite story from childhood I have called "The Missing Piece". I remember not truly understanding it when I was young, but I liked the book. Reading this entry made me think of that found your missing aren't giving anything up, just becoming more complete.