Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I should point out regarding my last post "I Wonder" that as a Canadian, I have the right to marry Dave one day if we should reach that point in our relationship. The bible jerks tried to stop it up here but we won, I want to be clear that 'bible jerks' does not mean everyone involved in religion as there are many good people in every faith, we all know who I mean. They could not label me as second class, I'm equal to them under Canadian law and there is not a thing they can do about it.

Still I feel really upset over what happened in the States, I have made a lot of blog friends south of the border who I think very highly of and part of me just feels that I can't be totally free unless you guys are free, I don't feel whole in society unless you guys are considered whole in your society. It was hard to read so many of your blogs and feel the pain of what the vote meant to all of you. It hurts, I'm not affected by law but it hurt me so I can imagine how many of you felt.

Finally, I also found it sad because many people in other countries watch what Americans do, considering that many countries still jail or execute gay people, I think it would have given hope or courage to gay people in these types of countries. If the U.S had of opened this door it could have started a dialog around the world and maybe some countries would have become more exposed (educated) on gay issues, they would see we are not bad people, just people who love the same but our sexuality is different. Maybe some countries would have relaxed their laws, however now I think for those gay people, their closet doors have just been shut a little tighter and honestly I can't blame them.


Doug said...

The fight's not over yet. I still have hope this will be reversed. If it does get reversed in California, I hope the scales will swing in our favor in a lot more states. Eventually the supreme court will have to take it up and we could get the right to marry in all states at one fell swoop.

Wayne said...

As great as our country is, it's still very backward on social issues. But believe me, we've come soo much farther than I would have thought when I came out 33 years ago. It'll happen, I'm just not sure when.

Anonymous said...

I share Wayne's faith. This recent reversal must only be temporary - in my short life we have seen so many advances. All things in time.

Joe Jubinville said...

Thanks for the outreach, Canadian, and the sympathy. If there's a glimmer of hope in the disappointment it's that the measure won by a slimmer margin than it did four years ago... despite the extraordinary resources thrown at promoting it this time around.

The larger historical trend, I hope and believe, will always be toward freedom and equality.

john said...

I think that one day...people will see it's not about the marriage, but the right to love.