Tuesday, July 22, 2008

All Thumbs But Green

Okay enough of the drama for a bit, I want to bring some colour into this blog. I will talk about what is going on but later, I can't believe this, I certainly did not want to have drama on my blog but since this is a gay blog, about my new experiences, I guess the honest thing to do would be to write about them. For now however I will be like most people and avoid my problems, woohoo! I am all thumbs when it comes to most things but I do have a green thumb. Not an exciting hobby to most but I find it really relaxes me. I like to grow almost anything, I guess it is the connection to nature or maybe the ex-farm-boy in me I am not sure but I am not bad at it either. I also have a knack with animals, give me any sickly plant or animal and I have a gift to nurture it back to health. The joke between my parents in my younger days was not, give Steve a pet and he will lose interest, but give Steve a pet and watch Noah's ark form. I am in an apartment so not much space for me to grow crops but I do have a small balcony. These are some pics of my babies, I have managed to squeeze on there tomatoes, red and orange peppers, onions, impatiens, cosmos, coleus and tons of petunias. Some are not just plants to me but part of family history, some plants have sentimental meaning handed down from cuttings and seeds, sappy I know but hey I'm gay remember!

The darker coleus has been handed down through cuttings from my maternal grandmother, she is gone now almost twenty years, as are the seeds from most of the petunias. The lighter coleus came from my mother and the cosmos from my sister. My all time favourite plant is the petunia, I have the re-seeding kind passed down through family, some I bought and also the wave kind. Petunias are tough, just add water and grow, most of all I love in the evening as the temperature cools, my apartment fills with their sweet smell and it gives me an 'ahhhhhh' feeling. Okay so not as exciting as rock climbing but this is me!


Will said...

Marvelous! you've made the most out of what ever space you had. During my apartment days, I always took up container gardening whenever I had a balcony with sufficient sun.

I love the family heirloom coleus--a plant and a memory combined.

Anonymous said...

I love your balcony, well done!

A Troll At Sea said...


Sorry, this is really about your comment on Chris' post about age, not about your plants--is that OK?

You will never know whether the fear of being alone or the fear of being with the wrong person is stronger until you decide which fear is worse, and set out to conquer it, or just live with it, which amounts to the same thing in the long run.

But what do I know? Life is never simple if you really live it.

I have always known that I could not survive alone, which is what made leaving home so shattering. And I was pretty sure I was with the right person--I just had to leave.

I eventually found someone.

I'm not trying to make him THE someone, though obviously I hope he is. I just take each day in gratitude for what it brings.

It took me years to get there, and I might still be married if I had gotten there earlier... I don't know.

Give it time.
Hang in there.

psyther said...

The flora looks great, dude! I'm sure the TLC provides a welcome distraction from everything else going on in your life. It's cool that you have some history (trans-generational) plants, especially with them thriving. I have a peace lilly and some African violets that were my grandmother's (not sure if they go back further), but I totally get the pride that comes with caring for something so dependent in many ways, especially when it comes from before your time. Here's to happy ho's haha.........

Anonymous said...

Hi Steven. I have started blogging again and I added you already. Hope you don't mind (:-)I love the photos btw - lovely. Chat soon
Morné (Syrinx)

Sooo-this-is-me said...

I just left the comment on T@C's blog that comments are welcomed, either on topic or off topic should you happen to want to mention something else to me. Just not spam... blah blah spam! :P

Anonymous said...

Hey there. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Its great to be back and writing again. I just love the frenglish... cute. Love these photos btw. Hope to see you on my side soon (and FB of course, lol)

Wayne said...

For the small space, it looks good! And spray the plants with insecticidal soap, That'll get rid of your aphids! It's basically soapy water with oil to help it stick. You could probably googe it and make your own. Just be carefull. Too much soap will burn the leaves!

Anonymous said...

What a medley of greens and color! I recall your post from not too long ago about the pests that were invading your balcony space, and I must say, you must have conquered them

Greg said...

That's sweet that you've got plants from your grandmother. I carry the memory of my grandmothers' gardens with me when I'm creating my own gardens. It's a nice continuity.

Your petunias are amazing! I didn't get to plant any this year and have been missing them...so I appreciate you sharing yours!


john said...

You have managed to turn your balcony into a greenhouse!