Thursday, May 22, 2008

Whaa Shhhhock!

On the lighter side of life, I often mention that I don't watch a lot of TV but I do like music etc and so I will watch American Idol some years. Last year I did not really care for many of the singers so I did not watch, however this year I found there to be a lot of good singers and became hooked. Now then, so where any of you as shocked as I was last night with the results? Actually I said a very bad word at the time and then clapped like crazy! I mean both Davids were great and I was quite happy that they both made it to the final two but I thought for sure little David would win. David Cook is more of the type of singer I like and there would be a greater chance of me buying one of his Cds in future than me buying one of David Archuleta's, that being said I want to say I could hear that he was an excellent singer, just not my style. I was kind of hoping that Cook would win but after seeing the final, Archuleta seemed to have that hunger and so I was prepared to see him win, plus I thought he performed really really well and deserved to win. Archuleta fits in with the idol image, he is sappy sweet and wholesome, beautiful singer, cute and so I figured he would be a better fit with all the teen girls and soccer moms. I thought unshaven Cook would scare them off from voting for him as being too much of a rebel. I did feel in past weeks he deserved to win as he often took greater chances and those chances often paid off, but there was still that boy next door quality to Archuleta so I figured Cook was toast. Imagine my shock when he beat little David by twelve million! Good for him! I can't help feeling sorry for Archuleta, I think being a kid the win would have a lot more meaning for him and Cook I felt would do well anyway. I also can't help feeling sorry that Archuleta lost this year but we all know he could easily beat a lot of the past bland winners. Just think, Sparks, Hicks, even screaming Fantasia would have fallen under the power house Archuleta in my opinion. Did any of you get the feeling that Simon knew Cook was going to win and that is why he suddenly did some major butt kissing just before the results, so as not to look so bad? Do you also feel that he may have given the "kiss of death" to Archuleta by being so flippant with Cook the night before? I thought it was probably one of the best duels ever, I never had that feeling that one might slip up and go off key like other years.

I don't know about you guys but I found the results show to be really lame, I think they could have easily wrapped it up in an hour. What was with all the old people who can't sing anymore, what was with the performances that were not as good as the two Davids, what was with trying to be funny and coming off flat. I did not enjoy the final and at the end I felt like I had wasted two hours, I could have spent my time doing something more interesting and came back near the end of the show just to see the results.

Now my final parting shot, Jason Castro, I think he seems like a nice kid and it takes a lot to make it onto that show but I feel he was a bit of the 'Sanjaya' factor. In my opinion, I often did not find him to be that good of a singer, maybe because of the hair people thought he was cooler than he actually was. I feel my point was made last night with the guys, group songs, he often could not hold up to the other guys when it was his turn, one of the reasons I feel he probably always sang slow sleepy songs. My opinion is that he should have went before Michael Johns, even Chikezie and David Hernandez I found were better singers. Hernandez I think was shot down from the stripper scandal, so much for giving people a second chance in life.

All in all I will be greatly surprised if we don't see and hear both David Cook and David Archuleta for many years to come, maybe not super stars but at least as big as some of the past performers that have done well for themselves, whether they won or lost.


Anonymous said...

I have never watched American Idol as I seem to get enough of a wrap-up from the TODAY show the following morning, which is on a different network. Go figure! But I think that a person's abilities are thrown out the window once it's left up to the vote of the television viewers. :-|

daveincleveland said...

i was dissapointed when david hernandez was booted off...good singer and thought he was hot....but oh well....i agree show too long, lame and david cook was the clear winner....both have been signed to record deals already..have a great weekend

Wayne said...

I was sooo excited when Cook won! I felt his singing was sooo much more versatile. I never vote on Idol, but did that night! Got through 100 times for Cook!
And they really do milk they awards show way to long.