Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pat On The Head

I guess there are days when I just need a pat on the head and to be told, "it is okay" that we all have the same thoughts from time to time and as usual you people were supportive. I was really amazed at the comments and emails I received for my "What Is Love" post, it cleared up a lot and let me focus on moving ahead. Dave and I are fine, still mushy sweet as ever. The fact is now I think in terms of being over there and just coming to my apartment to visit instead of being here and going there to visit, if you get my meaning. I have calmed down in this relationship and taken stock, I realize the more we are together the more we want to be together so I take that as a good sign. We are both very easy going and like to play around as if we were big kids. I think by both of us not taking every small detail too seriously it helps make the relationship strong. There are plenty enough things in life where we will have to be serious and we both have the belief of 'why create drama' where drama is not needed. It was the bonus to Dave's personality as I started to know him better, his sense of humour and playfulness. I knew he was decent and kind but his shyness kept the smarty pants in him hidden for a while so I was pleased when it started to come out (some days I wish it would go back in.. not really) and reveal the different layers to me of who he really is.

I met Dave's older sister and her family this weekend, what a nice person and family. I had heard a lot of good things about her and they all seem true. She made me feel the most welcome of all his family. It feels so good to have someone give you that silent message of "Dave is important to me, so you are automatically very important to me as well." Her whole family was like that, they talked to me like they had always known me. I found her personality to be the most like Dave's, she was easy going and slightly comical like him. I don't know about the rest of my gay readers, but personally I find it easier to meet strangers as a gay man, than people I know. Probably because I don't care about a strangers view of me versus someone I know, and also I suppose because I know most of the strangers I meet lately have already proven themselves by caring about Dave even though they already knew about him being gay.

On a side note, Dave finally convinced me to go on the back of his sport bike. Afterwards he teased me about being his biker bitch... ouch! I did enjoy it but a sport bike is not meant for passengers, I was in such an awkward position I think my knees were almost level with my ears and my hips were killing me after, however I did like wearing the 'Power Rangers' type of suit!


Will said...

The playfulness is very important. Fritz and I play all the time--it refreshes and renews our love for each other. It also helps release any tensions that may arise, diffusing them into laughter and hugs. Somehow in whatever we've learned in our lives previous to meeting and falling in love with each other, we're completely uninterested in arguments or conflict and very interested in just being happy together.

john said...

I think you guys are moving in the right direction, in every way.

A Troll At Sea said...

Be careful about getting too attached to all that gear.

That way madness lies.

The utterly mad

Anonymous said...

It's good that you both are involved in many different kind of activities. It's what keeps the relationship "fresh" and doesn't go stale because you guys do the same things over and over while you're together. And the intro to the sister and family?? You go girl! ;-)

Steve said...

Good to hear you two are doing fine. You got me worried there.

And it's great that you get along fine with his family. You never know with these things. I don't mean because of the gay thing, but just in general; you pick out your bf, not his family.

Birdie said...

You have to laugh through life. Otherwise, what's the point?

It may be time for Dave to get a new bike. :)

It strikes me that your worries have certainly changed over the months since you began this blog. Isn't it nice to be sorting out the details of your life with the man you love? I still can't believe the difference in you! Such a wonderful tale of perseverance and optimism. Give Dave a hug from all of us for making you happy.