Thursday, March 27, 2008


Over the last few days I have been reading where the rest of you are finally having spring. However spring here is like a sleepy teenager that does not want to get out of bed on a Sunday morning. There are just no signs of it here, most places still have almost a meter (3 feet) of snow with drifts and banks almost double that. Sometimes I feel we need spring by this time of year, now I find I am waiting impatiently for it, like a friend that is really late coming to the restaurant. There are no early spring flowers poking their heads out, no birds getting ready to build nests. Winter usually still has a grip on nature at this time here but spring is almost always showing itself just around the corner, not this year. Some days we hear that we will have warmer weather, around the freezing mark but the twist is that it will come with a wind chill factor of -20 so no gain and no crappy snow melting, aaaaaaaaah!

Today there were many flocks of geese flying in, they were mistaken in thinking that spring was on cue. I felt sorry for them, the fields are cover in snow up to my butt, with even a crust on the snow that can hold any size person. They will have nothing to pick through, no open water for them to swim on and they fly in circles around the city like a plane that can not land. I guess they will head back further south for a while.

I am so sick of this winter I can't hardly wait until it finally lets go. I would rather be watching the snow melt and run off in little streams, feel the warmer air on my face, I look forward to seeing tulips and other spring bulbs blooming, hearing the first redwing-blackbird or robin. Then I will know I have made it through, winter will be over and each day will take me farther from her cold sting. Oh what is that forecast they just said on the radio? Another 5cm of snow, I am going to crawl into a cave somewhere and sleep for a month!


JOHANNES said...

Oh Steven,
So sorry about you having to wait about another month for Spring.

The Azaleas are about to bloom here. My white ones are always early so any minor frost will damage them a bit. That will be followed by the dogwood blossoms.
Our flowing pears, tulip trees, ornamental cherry trees have already come into bloom.

It will happen for all of you north of the Mason-Dixon line soon.

Hang in their buddy :) :)

Steve said...

Well, no spring here either. We had snow this week. Not a lot, but it never snows a lot over here.

But temperatures are still much too low to call this spring!

Jess said...

Spring has been slow in coming here, but I really can't complain, considering what you're enduring! I hope it warms up soon!

Java said...

Wish I could send a bit of our warm up there to you. The pollen has started to fly here. Everything has an icky sticky powdery coating of yellow-green on it. I can barely see through the windshield of my truck if I don't clean it off before I go anywhere.
Hope you get some well deserved warmth there soon!

don said...

Well at least you can escape winter by crawling into your Dave cave. I would give up more than a few cherry blossoms for that.