Monday, September 10, 2007

Your humour, is lacking humour.

This past weekend I was over at my friend's place, something we do about once a month, dinner, beer, chips and rent videos. One of the movies we watched was Wild Hogs ( Tim Allen, John Travolta etc). First I have to say I knew it was not going to be the best movie I would watch this year, there are a few funny moments but I do not suggest you run out and rent it. What I want to comment on is the humour at the beginning of the movie. I am not so sensitive to gay issues that I can not see the humour in some situations that come up. At the beginning there are some awkward moments between Travolta and William H Macy played out as Macy coming on to Travolta, I did not find it funny but did not give it much thought. I became uncomfortable and offended when they brought in a character playing a lonely gay highway patrolman. They kept playing on gay innuendo and the awkwardness of the main characters trying to avoid being hit on by the gay patrolman. Even after this lame scene was played out, they brought him back to play this out for a second time. I was thinking who wrote this, a bunch of twelve-year-olds. I thought that sort of humour went out back in the eighties. It really irritated me because the message I received from those scenes was that gay relationships, feelings, people are still something to laugh at. I don't mind a joke if someone is laughing with us but not at us, is this not the same kind of humour as when people used to make fun of bearded ladies, conjoined twins and mentally handicapped people. We can compare the patrolman scenes to the main character Macy plays. A straight man who is also lonely and single, here however when he finds someone it is played out as romantic and we are suppose to get the happily ever after feeling from it. I wonder if I am just being over sensitive, it would be interesting to hear from anyone else who saw the film and let me know if you felt a little offended by those scenes.

Are there any really funny gay jokes out there. I don't mean as in tell me one (well you can if you want) I mean as in truly funny. I say this because most of the gay jokes I have ever heard always end up with the gay person either dead or with AIDS and I never saw the humour in that. I always think what if you change the word gay into a race or religion in some of these jokes, would people find them as funny? The real funny thing is that now when I hear someone tell these kind of jokes, I always think, "oh I feel sorry for you, I did not realize how ignorant you are".

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