Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Delayed Inside Joke.

This spring/summer season here has been anything but nice so far. At this moment I have the furnace running, I came home to a damp freezing house again, some days are like weather we usually get in May instead of almost July. Yesterday in the evening we had a little break, sunshine and decent temperature. Driving home, I couldn't help notice the very attractive men and women jogging and biking along the many paths this city has. Very healthy looking people, that fit nicely into their shorts and t-shirts. ............................................ This reminded me of something that happened years ago and it always makes me smile. I was driving with a female passenger and we were traveling along a beautiful parkway. It had a path along the Ottawa river and the sun was getting ready to set. It was warm like last night and we passed a very attractive male/female couple jogging along the river. My friend said something along the lines of, "wow nice body, easy on the eyes"! Inside I had a little self "hehehe" moment because I agreed, "oh yeah, nice body". She was probably thinking that I was talking about the woman jogging, and wouldn't know that I was actually agreeing with her on the male jogger. I used to love those inside jokes. Years later however, we would reveal our true sexuality to each other, yes she is actually gay and lives happily with her partner. Now when I think back to that evening, she was having her own private inside joke and probably just as tickled with herself as I was about me, an inside joke that would reveal itself many years later and often makes me smile to this day, ok yes... also while staring at hot joggers, that's something to smile about as well.

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