Friday, November 20, 2015

Thirty Three and Up.

Not recommended for 33 and up, apparently that could be on a label for music CDs, if you were thinking of giving them as a gift. Maybe I am showing my age, do people buy music CDs any more? I keep hearing about a fact that most people stop listening and buying music after the age of 33. I know regarding my music habits that is mostly true. Some speculate that may be due to the fact most people are heavily into career and family at that age. Clearly that statement doesn't apply to me. I did begin to notice my lack of interest in songs and music and I figured it has something to do with age. Every now and then I come across a band or song I like, but I find after a while I grow tired of it/them. ........................................ I happened to read a comment the other day saying eighties music was really bad, at first I was slightly offended since eighties music was the soundtrack to my coming of age. Then I began to think of a lot of the songs and bands of that time, yup they really were bad weren't they! In my defense I didn't listen to top forty type songs. I have also gone through the stage in life around twenties and thirties where you are excited to hear an old song from your teen years because it makes you think back. Now I no longer want to hear anything from those years, they make me feel down because it's a time long ago that is fading away faster each year, I want to move on. .................................... Sometimes when I feel sleepy while driving I will play a music station and I find I hate nine out of ten songs. Except for one singer, lately I perk up when I hear Adele, she snaps me out of my music hating stupor. I love her slightly gravely voice, that woman exudes pain lol. If you are going through a bad break up, listen to Adele she is going to wail your tortured heartbreak, she gets it, she knows. I just heard while writing this post that she is only going to sell her new CD as a CD only, no downloading, lol she must have read my post! Now let's get the video stores back!


larrymuffin said...

I really do not buy that saying, after 33 you do not listen to music because you are too involved in career and family. Really!? No what I see is people who think they are too involved when in fact they are not. Or it is just an excuse again, so many excuses in this life for not doing something simple.
I enjoy music of all ages, but I will concede that music after 1979 to today is pretty bad and too commercial unless you listen to some artist who have talent and appeal, few and far in between. BTW are you going to write about your Xmas plans?

Sooo-this-is-me said...

Do I have to write about my Christmas plans? Lol. They as a rule are not that exciting, very low key, like me.