Monday, July 27, 2015

The Fab Four..... bloggers.

Friday I was able to do something I always wanted to do, that was to meet some fellow bloggers. Since Michael of the world famous Spo-reflections was coming to this city, I asked him to meet with me. He responded in what at first I thought was some type of clever banter that was flying over my head. He was saying I would get to meet "someone, Willy or won't he and Larry Muffin". As much as I love muffins I was wondering if this was gay blogger code for something. Suddenly it dawned on my thick brain these were other bloggers. ................................... I was a little nervous that day, okay a lot nervous, I am kind of introverted and it's hard enough for me to meet with one person. I was hoping I wouldn't freeze up, stare at the floor, blanking out not being able to say anything. As the restaurant rolled out the red carpet, the paparazzi flashing cameras went wild when Michael's limo pulled up. Well that's how it went in my head all day, what actually happened was I walked up to them and asked if I was well over four feet. ..................................... It went well (I thought) and the bonus for me was meeting fellow bloggers in this city plus the man that stole Dr. Spo's heart. Time flew by fast and next thing I was saying goodbye. Maybe the only drawback was Michael made fun of Tim Hortons but luckily no one in the bar overheard him, a great sin in Canada to speak against Tim's. I got what I think is possible the best hug I have ever received in my life, so all is forgiven lol. This darn not so smart phone will not let me link to the other blogs, sorry guys if you see this. I will get you on my blog roll.


Ur-spo said...

ho ho ho
I am a devotee of TH, his main acolyte south of the border. Like TH I am always fresh.
I too was nervous but we all did just fine, yes? I am glad to have met you and hope to keep in touch.
you are a dear.

For those reading this entry, Mr. Sooo is embellishing the limo arrival and the camera, slightly.

larrymuffin said...

Since I was organizing the Official visit of the Spo guy to Ottawa with briefing book, there was indeed a limo, no exaggeration.
Steve it was a pleasure to meet you. See you again soon.