Sunday, May 17, 2015

What type of woman do you like?

Oh man, here we go again, a woman that I used to work with years ago, has started working with me again. First don't get me wrong, I like her and she is friendly, a little comical as well. However I am not close to her and also a bit guarded with my personal information. One of these days I am going to shock someone with my response, not in a rude way, hopefully just in a honest and funny way. ....................... The answers I give in my head, I would love to say out loud in the right moment. "What is the most important thing I look for in a woman, why a penis of course"! What kind of woman do I find attractive, one who looks like Tarzan. You want to fix me up with your friend, does she have a cute brother? For now I won't rock the boat, I say that I'm not looking at the moment, because of my situation, I don't have the time to invest in a relationship and it would not be fair to the other person, which is actually true.

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