Saturday, November 22, 2014


Who the heck even blogs anymore, I feel so obsolete, outdated like a box of floppy disks. I use email and feel very modern when I text. Gasp! Text, as in texting??? People keep telling me that I should be on Twitter or skyping or or or. Enough! This is my stand, I will not change anymore. I have been reading my blog posts back when I was first thinking of coming out. It is an old feeling, reading your thoughts from years ago. Almost like mentally eavesdropping on someone, but it's you. Something I've noticed is that I feel the blog is obsolete. Coming out is very different now, I don't think that many of these younger generations will be hiding until they are in their twenties and thirties to come out. Thankfully, I would add, I would not want the younger generation to go through that. It will however make our struggle, one that they will not have a connection with. Makes me a little sad. I was commenting to someone on a I watched the other day. There was a very steamy scene between two gay characters and I asked if that person ever thought they would see the day, when two gay characters would go at it like bunnies on prime time tv. People in their late thirties and up fully understand my question, younger people not so much. I'm glad for them, so just store our thoughts away, in cardboard boxes somewhere, with the floppy disks, VCRs and walkmans and maybe take them out once in awhile, shake off the dust and see our history.


john said...

The writer and producer of the show How To Get Away With Murder, commented to someone that asked "why do you have so much gay sex on your show". She answered "There isn't gay sex, it's two people having sex". Wow! Yes, she is exactly correct. It is two people having sex.

Rhia Hawk said...

I feel like I would come under that category of younger generation gay and I completely agree with what you are saying, I couldn't imagine hiding until I was in my late twenties, it's been bad enough so far. Coming out at 17 was scary enough for me and that is with the previous changes in society. Gradually, coming out won't even be a thing and in ten years time it will be taken for granted. I respect that it has been harder than it has been for me for elder generations, I wish I could say it will be the same for those after me!