Monday, August 24, 2009

Montreal Part Deux

Me and the honey bunny went to the Pride Parade in Montreal, I went to see all the gay people and you know what, there were hundreds of the little buggers there! I have read on some of the other blogs where the writers felt the parades are becoming the "same old, same old" and I could see that being the case. For now however I feel I should support them as they meant a lot to me when I was coming out, I used to go even before I was out, I just felt the need to be around other gay people in those days, I needed to know I was not alone. The parades used to offend me a little at that time to be honest, I hated to see guys in dresses for fear of being stereotyped, now I understand gay culture better and the guys in dresses are my favorite, the more outrages the better as most of it is just fun. I did feel this year in Montreal the parade was a little hijacked by other political agendas, I think gay people still have enough problems without bringing in conflicts from other countries etc, which have nothing to do with gays as a community. It was long and took most of the afternoon, over all I enjoyed it and we went to shake our booties after.

No no it had nothing to do with all the hot guys that were there with their shirts off! I'm not that shallow, no really I'm not, okay well maybe just a little, ahhhhhh men, man meat, beef cake, sooo beautiful. Okay I'm back to earth now.

A little sample of what we saw. People always say that the women in Montreal know how to dress and keep themselves looking good, well I'm thinking a lot of the guys in Montreal know how to make themselves look good also and not just gay men, there were a lot of straight guys there with their girlfriends and they were smoking hot! Dave and I agreed that one of the hottest guys there was a straight guy with his girlfriend, we could not stop watching him dance at the party after, I think he was one of the better dancers there as well, no I did not take his picture and yes we are sure he is straight, lucky girl! ;)

I always feel sad when we have to leave a gay event, having to step back into a world that is not always so open or accepting, oh well, screw them!

Oui oui Madame, you certainly have style. What the heck, uncle John is that you? Just kidding.


Java said...

Looks like fun! Glad you had a good time.

john said...

Glad you had a good time.

Birdie said...

I just love a good party! Looks like a blast.

Wayne said...

Glad to see you enjoying yourself.

Will said...

Do I detect a new, looser writing style developing? It's certainly full of enthusiasm and delight, and a pleasure to read.

Greg said...

What fun! Makes up for my missing carnival parade in Provincetown! Glad you had a good time... : )

Vic Mansfield said...

Oh, what fun! I'd love to have been there.

And: a hot looking guy, who's the best dancer, and he's at gay pride with his "girlfriend"??? You can never be TOO sure.

You've been a good boy. Go have fun!

("When I'm good, I'm very, very good. And when I'm bad, I'm better. Mae West.)

Patrick said...

What fun. Glad you found time and opportunity to get out and celebrate life.

Stephen Chapman said...

I wish I looked that good in underwear!

I check your blog out a lot and thought that you may be interested in a monthly fun posting that I started in July called "5 on the fifth". You take 5 random photographs on the fifth of the month and post them somewhere on the net. You then let me know link to the site containing your photos and I update my blog entry so the world has your link.


Here's a link to the last "5 on the fifth" posts:

Hope that you can take part


Scott in Iowa said...

Isn't Montreal just the best?! I vacationed there in 2001 and I've wanted to go back ever since. Beautiful place and the "gay village" is so much fun!