Saturday, September 9, 2023

The Clock Keeps Ticking.

  I'm just wondering how everyone feels about this, as I get older I have this sense of losing time, I don't mean being distracted, I mean time is running out. I find myself being very envious of my family and friends that were fortunate to land government jobs. Since we are mostly around the same age, they are all either retired or retiring. It's not that I don't think they deserve being retired, I just wish I could be retired as well. I actually like working but I wish it was part time, I feel like I'm missing out on life and I can't get that time back. I've reached that point in life where I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, as a train barreling down on me. 

 I'm not trying to sound depressed or anything like that because I'm definitely not, it's just some days I will think to myself, "it's a beautiful day out, I only have a certain number of those left and I'm stuck in here working at a desk". This feeling is getting stronger and stronger, sometimes almost a sense of urgency to it. 

 The other thing that gets to me is the way life can throw curve balls. Some of my older cousins and friends have done everything right, they took good care of their health, they had good jobs with benefits and pensions, they retired with no debts, they were about to start enjoying life.. but suddenly have been handed life altering illnesses, they will not be enjoying retirement. That is one thing I learned after how things turned out with my parents, you can never know how life will turn out. 

It's a beautiful cool Saturday morning, I'm here at the farm. I am going out to enjoy my garden. 


Dave R said...

I'm retired and working part-time, I'm also quite active. Most retirees aren't and just sit around waiting to die.

Richard said...

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel too. I'm trying my best to enjoy each day of my retirement. It's been great so far.

Bob said...

Retirement would be fine, I imagine, as long as you stay busy.

Anonymous said...

The time to retire is when you start having to edit e-mails and remove the opening sentence "As any fool can plainly see..."

I am perilously close to that time.

Will Jay

Old Lurker said...

As any fool can plainly see, my crack about you not loving us anymore was both unfair and unkind. My apologies.

Michael said...

I totally understand your feelings as I have them myself sometimes. Now that I am retired I still remain active, but I feel my mortality more and more. Having cancer certainly didn't help that either. But in a way it did help as it makes me appreciate each day, and in my heart and mind I know that one never knows what's around the corner.

Jimmy said...

Just think how more interesting your conversations are compared to those who are retired just because you still work.

"What is a Weekend?"

Jeremy Ryan said...

I understand how you feel. I just had some time off (staycation) and I really don't want to go back to work. I enjoyed the freedom of not having to deal with my electronic leash (aka my cell phone) and work calls or emails. It was enjoyable but tomorrow is back to the salt mine.

None of us are promised a tomorrow. Perhaps you can take some time off or do what a colleague of mine does where he is off every Monday. That's how he schedules his vacation. It's a year round thing and he has enough time off that it's not a problem for him.

Use and cherish whatever free time you have. I'm sure eventually you will be able to retire. The downside to retirement is usually that your income decreases and you rely on your savings to carry you. An unplanned expense here or there can really hurt. Also the other thing working or retired, everyone needs a reason to get out of bed in the morning. When you don't have one that becomes a health hazard.

Take care!

Ur-spo said...

Yes, time is running out. Really. Every day is one less going towards death.
I think of this every day to keep me on my toes as to do the right thing, don't mind the BS and keep track of regrets and decisions. This isn't morbid; this is mindful.