Tuesday, May 31, 2016

What is it about you?

What is it about you, it just makes my day to see you. I look at you and sometimes I catch you looking at me. I think you are the cutest guy ever, not movie star cute or model cute but "cute as a bug" sort of cute. A lot of people might even overlook you, but not me. Now life keeps putting us together, you came to my area one day, I couldn't speak to you, what is it about you. I have been moved to another area, I feel electricity in my stomach when I realise that this is your group, I joke, laugh and talk to the other guys, until you come around, I lose my voice when you are near by, what is it about you. I wonder, am I picking up on an invisible vibe, some secret pheromones, are we compatible on some hidden level in nature. I would like to talk to you but now I am afraid, (I know) that I will get tongue tied and screw up my first impression. You worked near me today, I couldn't speak to you, I know my ears will burn bright red and I will be discovered, people will know how I feel about you. I heard you speaking, you just had to have that sexy voice, very masculine. ................................................ The end of the day comes, everyone leaves, I'm working late, the place is empty, I could hear a pin drop. Suddenly from behind a pillar you appear, you have been there this whole time, I quickly run through my mind wondering if I was talking to myself or worse.... singing to myself because I thought I was alone. This is my chance, just the two of us, say something clever even witty maybe, think think think, what is it about you, I feel you unplug me. That's it, I could joke about you startling me, say something Steven say something. My mind is blank, I open my mouth to say something but no sound comes out. You check your messages and leave, I missed my chance and I am completely off kilter, I didn't say a word, what is it about you, why am I so thrown when you are around.

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