Saturday, May 7, 2016

It's Not A Lie in Gayland.

Is it okay to lie about my age, I mean in the world of the gays? In Gaydoneah age is a horrible thing and a gay man must have done something terribly wrong to deserve getting old, once you get past thirty, you might as well be ninety. Looking young is my super power, I don't have any talents really, I am a very average person, but I have this gift of looking much younger than I am. Many times at work guys in their thirties will say "I thought you were my age". I love to tell the story of my fortieth birthday, I was asked for id by the bouncer when we went out dancing, many witnesses were there to hear the whole thing (I love making sure everyone knows that story). ............................................ So like a super hero, is it wrong to use the power I was given. Is it wrong to maybe tell a teeny tiny little fib sometime about my age. I don't do it, I would feel guilty but I know a lot of people would dismiss me for my age. Depending on the crowd I want to run with, I am thinking about holding back the truth. I wonder if I would be the only gay man out there lying about his age?

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