Saturday, April 2, 2016

Stress Free Life.

Sometimes I feel like running away, like a little kid or teenager who can't cope. Just pull on my jacket and go, jump in the car and drive off, just keep driving, never to return. Let someone else worry about the stuff that keeps coming up in every day life. Let the phone ring and ring because I am not there to answer it. Let all the bills, taxes, red tape, stacks and stacks of letters go untouched. Let someone else deal with a parent's Alzheimer's disease. Let me forget about the relationship issues. Let my work pile up and all the people above me can stand there, clipboards in hand, staring at each other not having a clue as to how things actually work. Let everyone wonder where I am, let the stress that they created do a u turn to come back on them. ............................................ Then reality sets in, where would I go, how would I make a living, it's not like in the movies, things would only become worse over time. I have responsibilities, lucky me.

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Ur-spo said...

Take comfort these are normal 'we all have them' ideations.
Take heart; one day at a time and you will get through everything.
And, if you really need to run away, you are welcome here. It is quite lovely at 30 degrees.