Monday, October 5, 2009

Non gay bears!

Greg that super sexy blogger over at Midnight Garden, made me smile the other day with his comment about better raccoons than non gay bears. You mean big man eating bears like this one Greg? You will notice I am taking the picture safely far away from in the house.

There have been two bears taking turns eating the apples from the trees. We have had bears come during the night in past years, usually they slip in, eat some apples and slip away before dawn. We don't mind sharing a few apples with bears if they are really hungry. The thing that I do not like about these two bears, is they have no fear of humans, even banging pots and pans together has no effect. They walk through the barn yards and this angers me because if we had animals there I know they would attack them. They are kind of a stupid animal because they have totally damaged the trees now, one smaller tree is lucky to live through winter let alone have any apples next year.

It is dangerous to wound a bear so we have asked the local hunters to take care of the problem. I am not a tree hugger but my family usually has a live and let live attitude towards wild animals, as long as they do not harm our animals or crops, we let nature take care of itself. The thing about these bears is that some days they will walk into our yard when my poor Mom is trying to hang clothes to dry or when she is in her garden. They even came out when we had guests over with small children running around. The noise would normally keep most bears away for miles, these guys unfortunately will I think become rugs.

As for the raccoons, what I do is this. I take empty tin cans, some old string or wire, some plastic containers, put them all together and place them in the recycling bin to be recycled, then I go get my old gun and blow their furry little asses off!

Okay that sounds a bit harsh, anyway since Greg inspired this post, the next picture is for you Greg, one of my morning glories since you always have nice ones. A more peaceful thought to end with.


Java said...

LOL!! I love your solution to the raccoon problem!

I hope the bears cease to be any kind of threat in your neighborhood. Rugs are nice.

Birdie said...

I love your method for handling raccoons! And the shot of the morning glory just glows. I've missed your delightful posts, always willing to wait for more.

Will said...

"then I go get my old gun and blow their furry little asses off!"

That sent me into hysterics. Given all the lovely, sensitive posts you've written, that's about the last kind of statement I would ever have expected from you. :-)

Greg said...

Oh, what a fun post. I'm not sure I've ever been called "Super sexy" before (I can't help but imagine you saying it in Big Gay Al's voice, actually), so thanks.

Between that and your raccoon solution, you've given me a few good laughs - always a great way to start a day.

Thanks for the morning glory, pal. It's lovely. :)