Thursday, February 25, 2021

The Day I met the devil.

  Yesterday was an anniversary date but not a good one. It's hard to believe that time has moved on but here we are. It's been one year since I met "Mr X". I remember that day so clearly and how I thought I had started a new chapter in my life.

 Sorry I'm not blogging much, one of the main reasons is the new blogger format. I no longer have the option to revert back to the old format. Not only is the new format "user hostile" but it seems to be incompatible with my phone, there is a constant saving cycle that saves the page every three letters that I type and it freezes the page for three seconds, so it literally takes about a minute to type one sentence. By the end of one paragraph, my patience is finished. 

 The other reason I stopped writing was because of Mr X and the crazy Pandora's box that I opened. I will get into that another day but he really shattered my belief in the good of people. 

 Still, maybe everything happens for a reason and because of meeting Mr X I have made some gay friends in this city. Also because of meeting him I have met two great guys. One of those guys I'm going on a second date with tonight. Who knows where this will or will not lead but at least I'm back in the saddle again. This guy was really pursuing me and I finally said yes, I really like him, he's really nice. Oh, did mention that he's a cute Latino man, ten years younger than me? Yaa Steve is back bitches! Hahaha, me funny. ;)


Dave R said...

I only use my phone to reply to comments. Everything gets written on either a laptop or PC.

RJ said...

I hope it goes well tonight.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Good luck with your new beau!

Deedles said...

It's only been a year?! It seems waaaay longer! Be careful out there, punkin. Remember, stay away from serial killers!

Jimmy said...

So happy to see you post! Never used a phone for blogger.

Have both of you had you shots??? Be careful, the virus is still out there. Although Canada has done a far better job than the states until Biden.

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Yay you're back!
And I do not do anything on the phone, dear. It's useless with blogger unless you download the Chrome app and post directly from it. Maybe not even then. Google tends to eat up responses in my iPad.
And so cool you're going on a date? Awesome! Hope it's socially distant, if you have not been vaccinated. I'm with Jimmy on this one.
And say Hola to your friend for us.


Deedles said...

It's me again. Just an afterthought, I consider the virus to be a very successful serial killer, so I also agree with Jimmy.

1st Man said...

Hey!!!! Welcome back, nice to "see" you, ha. Have fun tonight. Mr X is water under the bridge, you've moved on and don't let him still be a factor in your happiness. You do you and enjoy life.

Side note, I hated the new blogger format for a awhile, used to it now. But I have never used the phone for blogging, it's just too cumbersome. I will sometimes reply to comments from the phone but for new content I just use the laptop. Never even notice the autosave feature. And a tip I've used to good success in blogging, think of things you want to blog about when you are just sitting there relaxing on the computer and do what I call "pre-blogging". Since my blog usually has lots of photos sometimes I'll put the photos int a post and just save it until I'm ready to type the words that go with the photos. Or the other way, just type out a post about a topic and just save it and put photos in later. Maybe one about your date but save it. Then another one about, oh, something funny you saw on tv and save it. And then another one about a fabulous dinner you made and save it. Then you just spent an hour or so and have three posts ready for the future. Then when you are in the mood, you just go in and tweak it, add a pic or whatever, change a few words as you proofread it and post it. Most of the hard work is done. Hope that all made sense.

Again have a great time tonight and just enjoy what life brings you.


Ur-spo said...

I am always glad to hear from you and read what your are doing.

HuntleyBiGuy said...

Hi Steven! Missed you! Glad to hear that you’re doing well. That’s one anniversary that you need to forget about. He’s not worth the space in your head.

As for younger Latino men, be careful there. I got mixed up with one and it was the best time I’ve ever had. 🙃

JM said...

I'm glad you are back to blogging and back in the saddle again.

I have so much to tell you...but will later.

In the mean time, I've blogged more in some ways I'm back in that saddle again.